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Schedule some quality time with Forrest for a free buyers consultation, and review of the downloaded Buyers Checklist.

Download the Buyers Checklist

MAGIC NUMBER: I will do the math. Find out what amount makes sense for you when it comes to mortgages, and discuss the current state of the union in the housing market. We will go over what the current interest rates are, as well your options in regards to interest and home value.

MAKE A WISH: Together, we can figure out what is on your home “wish list”. This can be anything from kitchen countertops to style of home. This gives me an idea of what to search for, as well as help you focus on what is important.

After we review your wish list, I will start the process to find the homes that best fit your criteria, and then do the filtering process for you. Many of these homes I will see during the initial real estate tours, so I can help to showcase those that have the qualities you desire, and those that don’t. I then schedule each visit for you, and can help you to quality each home as we progress.

Send me an email and let’s get started!


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