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Sell your home with Forrest GreggSELLING:

Schedule some quality time with Forrest during your free sellers consultation.

THE PRICE IS RIGHT: There are things you need to know before your home hits the market. I will pull current reports for your area to help best access the going rate for homes per square foot in your neighborhood, allowing us to agree on the correct selling price to make you happy, as well as get your home sold in a timely fashion.

ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE: We will walk through the “staging” of your home, which includes advice on how to make your home appealing utilizing what you have, or by bringing in an expert to help set the stage. We will also discuss the simple things that can be done to increase drive by appeal, as well as downplay any sort of shortcomings you feel your home has, that can be turned into an advantage. (And, you can use many of these improvements as tax write-offs).

HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: I will help you decide what items you need to disclose to make sure the sale goes through. This may be as simple as getting a home inspection prior to putting it on the market.

MONEY IN YOUR POCKET: I can walk you through an approximation of the net gain from your sale, as well as help you wade through the current tax situations, and how you can gain money at closing through prepayment of local taxes, home insurance, and fuel.

FORREST, THE NEGOTIATOR: This is the reason you and I will join forces. I know the market, and have the experience that will maximize your profits, and can move through the contractual miasma with ease. This can be a frustrating time for you, and that is why I am here: to give you peace of mind, and handle the details so you can focus on your next move.

THIS OLD HOUSE: So where to next? We can discuss the general ideas you have for your next move, such as target neighborhoods, school districts, or general amenities you wish to have. I will gather information based on our discussions, and we can put together a plan to start the search. We will also discuss the realistic timeline for putting in a contract on a new home, and how a contingency clause works in your favor.

GET ON THE WINNING TEAM: We will discuss how my team, the Haven Group, helps to support you as a seller. The power of this group is behind you, through marketing efforts that span the traditional efforts, such as pictures and listings available on all search resources, advertising through printed marketing collateral, to advanced techniques implemented through social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

So give me a call, or send me an email to set up some time to review your home, as well as your ideal outcome. I look forward to working with you!


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