Forrest’s Facts

Ok, for all of the short attention span folks out there, I am going to do a quick little recap on what Dallas’ home market looked like in the month of July. 

  1. Median single family home price in Dallas is at $267,929 (Austin is at $299,204 and Houston is at $159,869)
  2. Average property in Dallas has been on the market for 157 days
  3. Median price per square foot for homes in Dallas is at about $123 (Austin is at $135 with Houston at $76))
  4. There are about 4867 properties on the market right now in Dallas

Rest assured, while it is still a buyers market, my business is still solid and we are moving properties on both buying and selling side.  And, as always, you can send me an email if you have any questions about real estate.  Or if you just have any questions in general!


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