It’s Still Hot But Patios Can Still Be Cool!

I know, I know….it’s still hot out!

But, let us, for a moment, think about that fine Fall weather that is just around the corner (I can dream, can’t I?).

One of my favorite places to sit and enjoy some of the best bar food in town is Lee Harvey’s.  It sort of channels the spirit of Austin, right on the south side of downtown…..Wooden tables and fire pits dot the “lawn” of this re-purposed 30’s home, and a diverse crowd is always de riguer.  Check out $1 Taco night on Monday, and ½ Burger Night on Tuesday.  Personally, Stella and I like to rub elbows with our furry friends on Dog Day Sundays (like a dog park that serves cold beer!).

And while it is something of a challenge to find, the bar is unique, and well worth a trip.   Check out  Lee Harvey’s website for directions and other details!


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